the developer

ATVANTAGE is a multi-faceted group of built environment professional services companies. We are an experienced, dynamic and well-qualified team with a 23 year proven local and international track record in the provision of services to the residential, retail, commercial, industrial, government and leisure fields. Ours is a cause, not a service.

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the designers

Dennis Moss Partnership is a multi-disciplinary practice established in 1983 and based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The office integrates the disciplines of architecture, urban design, regional and environmental planning and landscape architecture as one functional entity, with its focus on promoting and achieving the principles of sustainable development. Each project is viewed as part of a greater system, where support may be required on various scales ranging from the international sphere to the site specific level. Projects range from complex integrated development planning strategies to award-winning residential estates, commercial and mixed-use developments, golf estates, hotels, office parks and public housing.

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